Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Doug plays softball

Doug has been playing in a softball league this spring with some of my siblings and others. He loves it and Gwen and i love watching him play! He is a heavy hitter. Tonight he came home from the game and took off his jeans and all this grass and mud landed on our clean bedroom floor. I asked him how all that mud got trapped in his pants? He slid. It must have been quite the slide! This story hasnt turned out to be as funny or entertaining as i had originally thought. Hmm.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Puke Drills

Every time we give Gwen some new finger food to eat, she gags and often throws up. It is very alarming and disturbing for all of us, and it got us thinking that we need to have a game plan for when it happens next. We have a door to our back yard off the kitchen and so we often try to get her outside to puke but we never make it in time. So tonight we began day one of the puke drills. As soon as we hear the gagging it is my job to open the door, Doug's job to move her highchair closer to the door as he goes in to pick her up, I then remove the tray as Doug picks Gwen up and takes her outside where she will puke if she needs to. No mess. We havent had a real life experience yet but i think this could work. In any event I feel better prepared.